Social Security Matters

June 30, 2018

Chris and Justin answer listeners’ email questions regarding Social Security. How do SS spousal benefits change if you get remarried? How does the timing of delayed retirement credits work? And how are credits of coverage for Social Security benefits earned? Chris and Justin also discuss the Tax Torpedo....

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Social Security Divorced Spouse Benefits and Survivor Benefits

June 23, 2018

How does applying for Medicare work for a divorced spouse who does not have a Social Security record of her own and when can the divorced spouse collect her spousal benefit? Jim and Chris answer these and other email questions from listeners including: Are there good financial planning software tools for do-it-yourselfers? And, how is a survivor’s benefit calculated if the deceased spouse...

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Mutual Fund Fees, HSAs, and SS Tax Torpedo

June 16, 2018

This week Jim and Chris answer a question from a listener on mutual fund fees, how the fees are debited from a mutual fund, and what they would consider too high of a mutual fund fee.  They then discuss a listener’s input on health savings accounts and how she uses them to plan for her early retirement.  In the Colorado show, the guys answer two listeners’ questions on SS and talk about...

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Annuity Topics and Long Term Care

June 9, 2018

Jim and Chris discuss annuity details common to all annuities, as well as noting differences between different types.  Jim spends some more time on the specifics of Flexible Premium Deferred Annuities, along with how different annuities have different funding requirements, benefit types, etc.  Jim talks briefly about income riders on annuities and how they impact your required minimum...

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Ed Slott Conference Review, Social Security, and FPDA Discussion

June 2, 2018

Jim summarizes some of what was discussed during the Ed Slott conference he attended last month.  Jim and Chris also discuss an email from a North Dakota Social Security Blog listener regarding alternatives to the old “file and suspend” strategy that is no longer available.  Chris clarifies some of the rules on claiming spousal and survivor benefits while responding to this email. ...

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