Roth Contributions to a TSP

September 30, 2017

Roth Contributions to a TSP

Jim and Chris answer listeners’ email questions. A listener from New Mexico asked about Roth contributions to a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and a listener from Maryland wanted to know if a trust or a deferred income annuity would be better for a sibling who has difficulty managing money. Plus Barry James, of James Investment Research joins Jim and Chris to give an overview of the stock and...

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Timing Social Security Spousal Benefits

September 23, 2017

A listener from Pennsylvania emailed Jim and Chris with a question on the timing of claiming Social Security spousal benefits. A listener from Long Island, NY emailed a question regarding 401(k) investment allocations. And… during the last part of the show, Jim and Chris explain the Required Minimum Distribution rules of inherited IRA accounts....

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401(k) – Roth or Regular?

September 16, 2017

If you already have money in a regular 401(k), does it make sense to open up a Roth 401(k) as well? Jim and Chris answer this question for a listener from Kansas. They also address another question regarding withdrawl rates from retirement accounts. Later in the show, Jim and Chris bring Justin in to the studio to discuss the two main ways to title a joint property – Joint With Rights of...

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Q&A On IRAs and Social Security

September 9, 2017

Jim, Chris and Justin answer questions from listeners all over the US. A listener from Utah in his 50s wanted to know if he and his wife should continue contributing to thier pre-tax retirement accounts or if they would be better off converting to a Roth account. A listener from TN asked a question regarding Social Security spousal benefits and the 8% delayed retirement credit. A question on...

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The Insurance Show

September 2, 2017

Jim and Chris answer two emails from listeners regarding insurance. The first email was from a listener who wondered if it was necessary to purchase catastrophe insurance for events typically not covered by a traditional homeowner’s policy (like earthquakes) once you build significant equity in your home. The second email was from a listener who wanted an opinion on life insurance and his...

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