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Here you will find a year's worth of our past radio shows. Please understand, due to compliance and supervisory guidelines, there is a lag time from when a show first broadcasts to when it can be listed here for later playback. If the show you want is not available, please check back again soon.

Although Jim and Chris strive to make their show ─ and the information presented − topical and pertinent at the time of original broadcast, please recognize the financial world is constantly changing and evolving. These recorded broadcasts may contain outdated or obsolete information. Never make any financial, tax or investment decisions with information contained on these shows without first consulting with your legal, tax and/or financial advisor(s).

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Excess Roth IRA Contributions

April 8, 2017

What happens if you contribute to your Roth IRA and then find out you contributed too much? Jim and Chris answer a listener’s question when he did just that. Should he recharacterize or do something else? Another listener also asks about Roth IRAs. This listener and his wife have a traditional IRA. They were curious to know if there would be any complications if they opened a Roth with the...

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What to Look For in a Retirement Plan

April 1, 2017

Jim and Chris received a couple of emails that really boiled down to what to look for in a retirement plan.  They then discuss a few questions to consider when you’re thinking about retirement planning. What is your planner’s approach to your planning problem? Does the planner’s approach match your beliefs and needs? Does your planner work with a Cash Flow or a Goals Based plan...

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DOL Fiduciary Rule

March 25, 2017

Jim and Chris briefly (for them) discuss the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule and the fact that you can’t legislate morality. They also answer listener’s questions regarding how Medicare premiums are calculated for high earners and if your Social Security filing date triggers your Medicare Part A coverage....

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Filling Your Tax Void

March 18, 2017

Jim, Chris and Justin Fundalinski describe what the Tax Void is and address a listener’s question regarding converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA to balance tax benefits now with tax costs in the future. Jim and Chris also answer listeners’ questions regarding Social Security & restricted benefits and how to deal with the pro rata rule...

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IRAs, Taxes and Other Questions

March 11, 2017

For the first hour, Jim, Chris and Peter Scott answer questions related to Estate Planning: How do you deal with the tax paperwork if you have a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA in a sub-trust where you are a trustee and a beneficiary? Also, would it be wise to buy a widowed parent’s house and have the parent finance the loan as a way to financially help the parent and get a tax writeoff on...

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Social Security Spousal Benefits and Other Questions

March 4, 2017

How exactly do Social Security Spousal Benefits work if your lower earning spouse has filed for their SS benefit and you haven’t filed for yours yet? Jim and Chris answer this question and others from listeners: When a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is taken, does the pro rata rule apply? If you’re downsizing in retirement, is it better to pay for a new home outright or take...

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